Notiboy Project

Notiboy Project

A quick introduction to notiboy project.
Notiboy is a decentralized notification protocol on Algorand blockchain that will help web3 entities to send on-chain notifications to their end users.
We intend to create an open protocol which facilitates seamless integration thus allowing algorand addresses to track their interactions with applications which use algorand blockchain.
Notifications can be sent based on both on-chain and off-chain events.

Basic Terms

Channel: A channel is a medium through which creator can publish public and personal notifications.
Channel Smart Contract: While creating a channel the algorand address has to create a stateful smart contract. We call it channel smart contract.
Creator Address: The algorand address which creates the channel. Each address can create only one channel with protocol.
End User: An end user is an algorand address which interact with the protocol to receive notifications.
Public Notifications: The common information broadcasted by channel creator that can be read by any end user.
Personal Notifications: The end user specific notifications sent by creator address.
Notiboy Smart Contract: A stateful smart contract which holds logic for creation & deletion of channel, opt-in & opt-out of channel and sending & receiving notifications.
Box Space: This is a space created on the blockchain where the personal notifications to an address is stored.
Global Opt-in/Opt-out : The process of opting-in to/opting-out of notiboy smart contract by creator address or end user.
Channel Opt-in/Opt-out : Channel opt-in is the process by which end user allow the channel to write personal notifications to their box space. Channel opt-out is the process by which the end user will remove a channel's ability to write to their box space.