🔔Notiboy Project

A quick introduction to notiboy project.

Notiboy is a web3 specific communication protocol that will help projects to send notifications to their end users.

We intend to make communication more effective on web3 by helping the project owners to directly communicate with web3 identities of their end-user and analyse effectiveness of communication via the statistics we provide.

Notifications can be sent based on both on-chain and off-chain events.

Basic Terms

Channel: A channel is a medium through which creator can publish public and personal notifications.

Creator Address: The algorand address which creates the channel.

End User: An end user is an algorand address which interact with the protocol to receive notifications.

Public Notifications: The common information broadcasted by channel creator that can be read by any end user who has opted-in to the channel.

Personal Notifications: The end-user address specific notifications sent by channel.

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